Legal Firm Cybersecurity: Don’t Be the Majority!

The results from the latest International Legal Technology Association survey show an overall improvement in security measures for law firms. For example, only 33% of firms surveyed had security awareness training for their employees in 2013; that number is now 45%. Use of technologies like email and laptop encryption is up 8% and 9% respectively. However, the numbers also show how slow the legal world has been to adopt necessary security practices. These include findings that 29% of firms use two-factor authentication, only 10% use theft-tracking technology, and 60% having no intrusion prevention system in place.


The reason these results are alarming comes from the fact that law firms are a gold mine for cybercriminals. Crime online is less concerned with cash as it is information, specifically privileged and sensitive information. Firms small and large are replete with such data, such as client business information, client intellectual property, and payment card information. To leave these records unprotected is remarkably dangerous to both a firm and its clients.

Cybercrime has been increasing every year, with the FBI issuing an advisory that law firms are especially attractive targets to hackers and scammers. The methods being used to breach databases are growing more and more sophisticated, making detection increasingly difficult. The FBI now estimates that in 60% of cyber attack cases, the business is unaware of the intrusion until informed by the FBI.

It is no wonder that IT experts are very discouraged by the state of law firm security. Though it is improving, the progress is too slow and too reluctant.

By being proactive about the security of your firm, you can avoid a very damaging and costly disaster.

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