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Debunking Security Myths

Debunking Security Myths

Here are some of the biggest myths that many people believe about cyber security:

  • 1) It won’t happen to me; only big companies are targeted. False. Like most crimes, cyber thieves are opportunistic and actually attack the weakest targets. These are generally small businesses who have not invested in cyber security layers and training.
  • 2) I have Anti-Virus software; I am fully protected. False. While, security software is a necessity, it is just one of several strategies that contribute to a layered approach to Cyber Security. The problem with Anti-Virus software is that it is only was good as the last update – which may have been several hours ago. Cyber threats are constantly changing to avoid detection so Anti-Virus software is largely a “reactive” technology that only detects “known” threats.
  • 3) I have strong passwords so even if I get hacked they won’t be able to get into my banking and other sites. False. Most Hackers “bug” your computers and install key-loggers as soon as they compromise a PC. They immediately start logging all of your usernames and passwords and everything you type.
  • 4) I only open emails from people I know, so I can’t get infected or scammed. False. Many hackers compromise the computers of the people you know and send emails to you to try and infect your computer as well. Training is the only way to better determine what a safe attachment looks like.
  • 5) I only go to web sites that are safe so there is no way I can get infected. False. Websites are compromised every day and programmed to download or inject viruses. In addition, many hackers buy sound-alike names or misspellings of popular web sites in order to make you believe you arrived at the correct destination, only to trick you into infecting your computer.
  • 6) A comprehensive Cyber Security System that includes multiple layers of protection, training, and proactive features that most Fortune 500 companies use is too expensive for my small business. False. The cost of security and training has come down to affordable pricing these days and starts as low as $10 per user.

Cyber-attacks are a constantly changing threat. If you put in the best security measures, they could be irrelevant in a very short time. Keeping up with the best security practices will help your business stay secure and make hacking difficult. The best protection is a proactive, all-encompassing internet security strategy. Contact PalmTech for a complimentary strategy session at (561)969-1616.

**Special offer for potential new clients with 15 or more computers. Through a special promotion with our Security training provider, we are able to give away free Cyber-Security training to the first 6 companies that request a complimentary Cyber Security strategy session. Offer good until 8/31/16. This innovative computer-based training will take your staff through a comprehensive program designed to help create awareness and prevent the most up to date and modern Cyber threats. Your staff is the weakest link. This is the single best tool to avoid a security breach and the best part is it’s free.**