FitBark Keeps You And Your Dog Healthy

FitBark Keeps You And Your Dog Healthy

Dog Doing Pushups

Do you know how well your dog slept last night? How much nutrition – or exercise – your dog really needs? Whether your pup is being well-cared for at doggy day care?

With FitBark you would know all this, and more, about your favorite canine pal.

Doggy health monitors are nothing new. But, according to hundreds of verified reviews on Amazon, Best Buy, App Store and Google Play, FitBark leads the pack.

FitBark attaches to your dog’s collar and shares data with FitBark Explore, a dog health data bank that collaborates with over 20 leading universities and research institutions in North America and Europe to gain a better understanding of dog health.

You benefit from all this data by tapping into what FitBark calls truly unprecedented insights into canine health and data. All toward keeping Fido – and you – on the path to health and happiness.

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