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SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH: E-mail Signature Rescue

SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH: E-mail Signature Rescue

Email Signature Rescue

The business world runs on e-mail. According to LifeWire, around 269 billion e-mails are sent around the world each and every day. But for every e-mail sent, millions go unread, and those that do are often found wanting. How, in the midst of all that noise, can you possibly get your own work e-mails to stand out?

Enter E-mail Signature Rescue, a business dedicated to creating custom, professional e-mail signature templates for all kinds of companies and teams. Using their proprietary software, it’s easy to build a robust and beautiful HTML e-mail signature template that will make your e-mails pop. Signatures may seem small, but they can go a long way toward convincing a recipient that you mean business.