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7 Things Mentally Strong Leaders Never Do

7 Things Mentally Strong Leaders Never Do


Leaders need to stay mentally sharp to effectively lead their teams. Here are seven things that truly strong leaders never, ever do.

  1. They don’t mask their insecurities, but instead maintain their humility and acknowledge their mistakes and weaknesses.
  2. They don’t go overboard with their emotions. Instead of suppressing their feelings, real leaders stay aware of how their emotions influence their behavior.
  3. They accept criticism with open arms. Instead of protecting a fragile ego, mentally strong leaders take unfavorable feedback and use it to improve their processes.
  4. They take responsibility for their actions. When a good CEO messes up, they apologize with sincerity and accept the consequences of their behavior.
  5. They don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Offering extended bereavement leave isn’t letting your employees take advantage of you – it’s a common courtesy.
  6. They don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Though they’re sure of themselves, a good leader recognizes the necessity and competence of their team. They don’t put themselves over others.
  7. They don’t fear other people’s success. When someone else is doing great things, they know that it doesn’t diminish their own accomplishments.

Source: 12/12/2017