Here’s The One Reason Why You Need So Many Different Passwords…

Here’s The One Reason Why You Need So Many Different Passwords…

Thinking up passwords and managing them is a big pain, no two ways around it. One website requires a symbol, and another requires 14 characters. Meanwhile, your bank requires 10 characters, four PIN numbers and the answer to a secret question. In the midst of all this, it’s easy to just use the same three or four passwords for everything — after all, that’s more secure than a single password, right? But imagine this. Say you use the same password for your Gmail, your Amazon and the account you use to order gift cards at a 10% discount for client gifts. One day, the gift card website is hacked. Not only do the crooks get your credit card info, they also get the list of all the website’s users and those users’ passwords. Then, they publish these freely on the internet.

But if you use different passwords for all your accounts, you’re safe despite any crisis that may arise. Make sure you practice good password security.

4 Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction And Increase Your Profitability At The Same Time

1. Host an event. In B2B companies and small businesses that have a highly specific and local customer base, a big appreciation event can go a long way. Just make sure to view attendees as friends rather than customers you’re trying to close on.

2. Personalize your services. If you’re able to tailor your offerings to your customers’ desires, that extra effort can really impress the people you serve. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Get creative and add that little bit of human touch to your product.

3. Send handwritten notes. E-mails, social media and phone calls are great, but if you want a thank-you card or customer appreciation note to stand out, it’s best to write them by hand.

4. Launch a loyalty program. These programs can increase profits for you and your business, but they’ll also have the benefit of making your most loyal customers feel engaged and appreciated. Jan. 16, 2018