If My Business Is Compliant, I’m OK With Security, Too, Right?

If My Business Is Compliant, I’m OK With Security, Too, Right?


If I have security, I’m ok with compliance, right?


Many assume that if they address the HIPAA compliance of their business, they are prepared and comfortable in regards to cybersecurity. That’s a false assumption, but one commonly made.

Compliance keeps you up-to-date with regulations and laws set forth. Cybersecurity focuses on the vulnerabilities that may allow hackers in – and should be your first line of defense. Cybersecurity and compliance go together – you cannot have one without the other if you want to stay ahead and protect your business and your clients.

With cybercriminals viewing healthcare data, for instance, as an “easy mark”, it is imperative to stay one step ahead. Do you know why? Healthcare information is sold for 10—20 times that of credit card data. Hackers are looking for the best bang for the buck, of course, and that would be sensitive healthcare information. In addition, they are not just targeting data theft; they are also attacking the employees by disrupting organizations.

Businesses must prioritize cybersecurity with the same fervor for HIPAA compliance. Protecting your business and your client data require an all encompassing strategy that includes both! Don’t assume that your IT provider is taking care of this already. Ask questions, communicate, and ensure that your business is protected as an entire entity! Call us with questions or if you need any assistance at all with your business at (561)969-1616.