Cyber Security West Palm Beach

Cyber Security West Palm Beach


Identifying and Stopping Cybers Security Threats for Your Business

Why is cyber security in West Palm Beach more critical now than ever before? When you consider that 43% of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses and that those businesses affected lose about $200,000.00; as a result, cyber security becomes one of the most important insurances you could have for your business. As a leader in the West Palm Beach information technology industry, Palm Tech Computer Solutions wants you to be aware of the digital risks your business might be facing so you know how to prepare and prevent them from occurring.


What is Cyber Security? 

Cyber security is any practice that aims to protect an electronic device that has access to the internet from malicious software and attacks. This includes:

  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Data Networks

Why is Cyber Security so Important for Modern Businesses?

As technology advances, businesses have become increasingly dependent on the internet to conduct trade. Modern companies utilize online services for anything from purchases, to bookings, to accounting. This broadening online frontier means more fronts to attack and more vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. The more we advance, the more critical cyber security in West Palm Beach becomes.

What are the Top Cyber Threats for Businesses? 

Any business with an online presence should be concerned about the same cyber threats as anyone else. However, there are some scams and malware that companies are especially vulnerable to. Here are some of the most common:


Phishing attacks are the use of specifically targeted emails or other direct communication forms to trick someone into giving a third party personal or essential business information. Online scammers use a large volume of phishing emails to maximize their chances of success, and it works. The FBI estimates that in a single year, phishing scams was an over 50 million dollar business.

What Does Phishing Look Like?

Phishing emails or texts tend to come from something that appears to be a trusted source. Scammers will go as far as replicating email addresses to look very similar to how an official email would appear. The key will be small inconsistencies and an explicit request for personal information like a credit card number, password, or social security number.



This is a particularly scary threat to cyber security in West Palm Beach. Ransomware is a type of malware that holds some aspect of your personal or business data hostage until a payment is made for the scammer to release control of the information.

What Does Ransomware Look Like?

Ransomware can originate from a wide range of sources – from clicking on a dangerous link to receiving a phishing email. Once the ransomware has found its way into your system, it can encrypt your files or claim to be a law enforcement agency that will request payment before unlocking your computer.

Internal Threats

Sometimes the call is coming from inside the house. As many as 25% of security breaches to small businesses are the result of insider threats. Employees don’t necessarily do this purposefully, which makes these types of breaches challenging to track and prevent.

What Do Internal Threats Look Like?

Internal threats are most often a result of overlooking basic cyber security principles. Employees neglectfully inputting important business information in malware attacks, clicking on phishing emails, or not be aware of what specific threats look like can lead to an entire business being exposed to a dangerous infiltration.

How Do I Protect My Business from Cybernetic Threats?

It Starts with Education

Knowledge is power, and that is especially true when protecting your business from threats especially designed not to be easily spotted. Asking your employees to take online cyber security courses or just send out monthly emails with informative articles about the latest threats look like it can go a long way to reducing your risk of an attack.


Encrypt Your Data

Even if a threat does happen to slip through your malware protection and firewalls, they can’t do much damage if your data is rendered illegible. Encrypting sensitive data is one of the most effective methods of protecting sensitive information, and maintaining regular updates on your encryption software ensures that you are protected even in the worst-case scenario.

Hire a Professional

There’s only so much you can do on your own. A professional agency specializing in cyber security in West Palm Beach is the best shield against attacks and scams. Cyber security professionals know how to spot vulnerabilities in your system and give you the tools you need to defend against threats. If you’re serious about the safety of your data, hiring an expert is the way to go.


Ready to Upgrade Your Cyber Security in West Palm Beach?

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