Local Non-Profit Specializing in Social Immersion Program Reaches Out To PalmTech To Assist with Distance Learning during COVID Pandemic


August 19, 2020: PalmTech Computer Solutions donated technical assistance to Oakstone Academy to prepare for distance learning.

Schools across the globe are faced with the responsibility of providing a quality and safe education amidst the COVID pandemic. It is even further challenging for schools like Oakstone who provide research-based programming that is fully inclusive to all children, including those with autism spectrum disorder.

Naturally, Oakstone Academy’s bandwidth requirement increased rapidly as the decision to adopt distance learning quickly became a necessity. As a result, they were experiencing slow WiFi connections and bandwidth issues. Joe Landy, an advocate for the school and partner at Lesser, Lesser, Landy, and Smith, reached out to PalmTech Computer Solutions for assistance.

“When Joe told me about the issues the school had been experiencing and knowing that all non-profits are facing severe funding shortfalls, we felt compelled to help get the program off on the right foot before the school year began”, said PalmTech’s CEO, Chuck Poole. “I sent a team of engineers over to analyze the bandwidth and WiFi coverage and we quickly developed a plan and solved the problems. My team loves helping the community and the mission at Oakstone Academy is one that all of us believe in.”

About Oakstone Academy:

Oakstone Academy is dedicated to providing an excellent education for all children, inspiring and empowering them to reach their own unique potential. This is a school like no other in the nation. It was founded on the concept of providing a challenging academic experience partnered with high standards for social behavior, while including children on the autism spectrum. The result is a highly rated private school that offers a competitive college preparatory curriculum. In this unique environment, they have found that all students thrive. Students without disabilities benefit by developing leadership and service skills that not only build self-esteem, but act as a basis for future success. Those with disabilities are immersed in daily activities with peers and are supported to maximize their membership and overall success. Oakstone’s faculty and parents work together to help each child towards fulfillment as a total person: one who has a sense of understanding and compassion for others, as well as courage to act on their beliefs.

About PalmTech Computer Solutions:

Established in 2003, PalmTech Computer Solutions solves core-business problems that are cost-effective. After all, business owners and managers want technology that “just works” and allows them the opportunity to be great at what they do. Two of PalmTech’s core values are compassion and being a critical thinker. CEO Chuck Poole firmly believes embracing a core set of values is best conveyed through outreach in the community and solving problems for our clients. These values set us apart from the competition.