Do These Things To Protect Your Business From Getting Hacked

Do These Things To Protect Your Business From Getting Hacked

1. Train Employees. Your team needs to know how to identify and handle today’s IT security threats. Cybercriminals often rely on your employees’ lack of training to break into your network. Ongoing training gives employees tools and resources to overcome this and many other IT security challenges. Make training a top priority!

2. Hold Employees (And Yourself) Accountable. Training and company guidelines don’t mean much without accountability. When you set rules, follow them, just as you follow industry and government rules and regulations when operating your business. Be willing to hold anyone who does not accountable.

3. Have A Disaster Recovery Plan. Things happen. When you store sensitive data, you need to have a plan in place to recover and restore that data should anything happen. This doesn’t just include data loss from malicious attacks but other types of disasters, including hardware failure, fire and flood. How is your data being backed up and saved? Who do you notify in the event of a breach? Who do your employees call in the event of disaster?

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SmallBiz Technology, Dec. 26, 2019