4 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs IT Support

4 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs IT Support


Whether your firm is focused on family law, community association, or complex business litigation, the one common thread the weaves through every practice is the sheer amount of sensitive information you are responsible for. From storage concerns to handling mass emails or securing sensitive information, any modern practice needs professional IT Support for Law Firms 334093. PalmTech Computer Solutions is here to give you all the reasons why your firm absolutely needs IT support.

1. Security

Law firms of all sizes handle a fair amount of sensitive information - from pay stubs and W2s to birth certificates and everything in between. Your clients trust you to keep their personal information safe. But that’s just half of it because a huge portion of the storage space used in the average law firm goes to privileged work product such as memos, briefs, and document drafts.

Keeping this valuable information safe is essential and as your firm grows and more employees come in, the harder this becomes. All it takes is clicking on one compromised email or link to allow ransomware to take your entire system hostage. However, if you have professional IT support for law firms 33409 on call, you’ll have the preventative tools to protect you from viruses and a dedicated team ready to help you when hackers strike.

2. Storage Management

Over time, the number of documents, videos, and images your firm accrues can become massive. This accumulation of data creates a series of problems if it’s not stored and managed correctly. It’s not just about finding the space, it’s also about timely retrieval and organization.

IT support for law firms 33409 can help your firm save all the information accurately and effectively. But it doesn’t stop there! IT support can also help determine the best storage systems that make retrieving data based on keywords, file sizes, and (if the documents are searchable) subject matter attainable. This makes your firm more efficient and keeps your clients happier.

3. Better Customer Support

Beyond the routine maintenance offered by IT support for law firms 33409, an added benefit is the ability to easily implement technical applications that facilitate client interactions. One of the most important aspects of client retention is how responsive they feel their attorneys are but those expectations can be hard to meet with a constant influx of calls and emails.

Hiring a professional team of IT experts can unlock many avenues for improving customer support like instating live chat features and automatic responses. However, it’s not just about the applications that an IT team can implement, it’s also about making your current system run more smoother and efficiently. The right company can help speed up communication and improve convenience for your clients.

4. Prepared for the Unexpected

Not having a dedicated IT support team for law firms 33409 can leave your practice exposed to the dangers and pitfalls of technologies. We’ve already mentioned security threats in the form of malware or spyware. But those are threats that can make their way into your system without the proper security. What happens, however, when mother nature strikes or there’s a power outage.

Many firms are severely unprepared and don’t have the necessary back-up systems in place to deal with outages that can cause computers to crash and data loss. Your firm can avoid falling victim to these eventualities by having a team of IT professionals that can help establish the proper safeguards in the form of:

  • Data back-up
  • Real-time technical assistance
  • On-site repair

We can’t predict the future, but having an IT team on call means your firm is prepared to address the issues that may arise from the unexpected which will minimize downtime. Not only will this help avoid losing important data, but it also means that your staff and associates can receive help when they need to avoid the types of delays that can harm billing hours.

Looking for IT Support for Law Firms 33409?

PalmTech Computer Solutions understands that keeping your law firm running smoothly and your clients' data secure are just two of your primary concerns. We can help you stay protected against cybersecurity threats, provide storage and retrieval tools for your documents, improve your customer support, and keep your software and hardware secure regardless of the emergency.

When you choose our team, you won’t be tied down to a long-term contract but you will get a professional team ready to answer the call whenever you need it most. Give us a call today to learn more regarding how we can keep your law firm running as it should.