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12 Months To $1 Million


By Ryan Daniel Moran

While first starting your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll come across many sources that claim to give you an “easy path to success.” Considering the fact that more than half of all businesses close within their first six months, it’s safe to say that there is no easy path to success.

Instead, it takes plenty of hard work and dedication to run a successful business, especially if you hope to reach the $1 million mark. In Ryan Daniel Moran’s book, 12 Months To $1 Million: How To Pick A Winning Product, Build A Real Business, And Become A Seven-Figure Entrepreneur, he explains that it is possible for your business to reach the $1 million mark within the first year by following his plan. He’ll take you through step-by-step and explain how to grind, grow and reap the benefits from your hard work.