4 Ways To Better Protect Your Personal Information

4 Ways To Better Protect Your Personal Information


Most people keep their personal information as secure as possible. They don’t post their passwords on social media or share Social Security numbers with untrustworthy sources. These practices seem obvious, but there are smaller things we can do to provide better protection. You’ll find four of those tactics here.

Dangers Of Unsecured WiFi – Hackers can use this connection to download malware on your devices.

Password Manager – You shouldn’t use the same password between multiple accounts. Utilizing a password manager will help you keep track of different passwords.

Breached Companies – When a company’s security is compromised, all of its customer's personal information can be exposed. Avoid working with these companies until they’ve offered improved security.

Think Before Posting – Be careful about what you share on social media. Revealing too much personal information can leave you vulnerable to a cyber-attack.