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Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: Inflatable Movie Screen

This 120-inch-diagonal air-blown Inflatable Movie Screen is perfect for family movie nights and block parties, be-cause everyone can see it all on this big screen in your back-yard! The giant outdoor movie screen can be set up and inflated in minutes, ready to show movies, TV shows, cartoons, sporting events or even video presentations. This inflatable movie screen is also great to use indoors or out for fund-raising events, festivals or prom parties, providing a drive-in movie experience everyone will enjoy.

How To Use Your Client/Prospect E-mail List To Significantly Improve Your Results With Facebook Ads

For many businesses, advertising on Facebook can be a big time and money suck. Even though Face-book is the #1 social media tool, it can be difficult to get a great ROI since you’re marketing to a wide range of prospects. The biggest problem is getting a qualified prospect to “Like” your company Facebook page so you can market to them…but who goes out and likes a potential vendor’s page? Nobody, that’s who! And if you market based on demographics, then you’re targeting a bunch of people who don’t know you on a platform where they’re not looking for your product or service in the first place. They are there for cat pictures and videos of their 2-year-old nephew. The answer that solves a big part of this dilemma…“Facebook Audiences.”

Declare Freedom From High Costs & Risks By Throwing Out Data Now

Do you have mountains of information stored on your server that you’ll never use, but feel like you should keep? You are not alone. Given expanding regulatory rules, some businesses save every bit of data they have, just to be safe.

You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal in keeping every-thing?” While it is true off-site data storage costs have gone down by about 25% every year, the fact is that keeping your data forever can create big management challenges and lead to retrieval headaches.

5 safety steps to online shopping

Have you ever bought something online? There is something compelling about browsing an online store, filling a virtual cart, checking-out and having it arrive on your doorstep a few days later. E-commerce is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of shopping, but like everything else on the Internet, there are security issues you could run into.

Our New Phone Numbers

Let's keep you updated on how to contact us! PalmTech now has two new phone numbers for Broward and Martin counties.

Here are all the numbers you need to get in touch with us:
Palm Beach: (561) 969-1616
Broward: (954) 745-8000
Martin: (772) 678-7400

Make sure you keep these numbers close!

PalmTech Hires Experienced VP of Sales and Marketing

February 7, 2011

West Palm Beach, Florida --PalmTech Computer Solutions is proud to announce Mr. Brian Betron as its new VP of Sales and Marketing. His immediate focus will include the following major objectives: To develop new business connections in the area of WiFi Networks for Hotel, Malls and Condos, Internet Video Security Solutions, Video Conferencing as well as the complete technology management for small companies of 5-250 employees.