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Use these tips to stay safe on Facebook and Twitter

Never let your guard down when you’re on social media! Malicious hackers are becoming better at stealing your personal information, so keep these reminders and tips in mind to remain safe while you’re on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Lock screens exist for a reason
Always lock all your devices as soon as you stop using them.

In-House IT vs. Outsourcing IT: An Honest Comparison

Are you a business owner trying to decide between housing an internal IT branch or outsourcing IT to a managed service provider (MSP)?
As the CEO of a company, and the central figure responsible for the operations and success of PalmTech Computer Solutions, I fully understand how these decisions must be weighed out carefully and strategically.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an IT MSP

You have finally decided to outsource your IT needs to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to reduce outgoing costs and increase your network’s security. Before you sign any contracts, continue reading this article where I shed light on the all-too-common pitfalls to avoid when selecting an MSP.

The Cost Of Outsourcing Your IT Needs

Choosing the right MSP for all your IT needs is a decision of great magnitude. You are about to share your highly-sensitive data with a third party, you are entrusting them to resolve any and all technical and hardware issues in a timely manner so business can resume seamlessly, and you are relying on them to protect your business from unexpected disasters, threats, and attacks on your network.

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Pink Goldfish True Differentiation In The Marketplace

Consider the following: P Is For Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever by Raj Haldar, Chris Carpenter and Maria Beddia teaches kids and readers that P is for Pterodactyl, K is for Knight, and U is not for You.

P Is For Pterodactyl is also in the top 100 books purchased on Amazon.

What You Need To Do Before Committing To A New VoIP System

There comes a time when every business needs to invest in a phone system: they’re buying a new phone system for their new location or they’re upgrading from an older system. Regardless of the reason, they’re ready to make the commitment.

Your phone connects you to your customers, so you need it to be reliable.

5 Security Issues To Look Out For

Cybersecurity is a constant battle, but there are significant steps you can take to keep your IT defenses strong and effective, one of which is to increase your knowledge of security threats. Here are five common ways your business systems can be infiltrated.

Attract Customers With These 7 Types Of Video Content

Do you want to bolster your marketing campaigns? Then create videos and post them on social media. It doesn’t take much to make videos — you can finish high-quality ones using your smartphone and accessible video editing software. This makes them one of the most cost-efficient ways to target and convert potential customers.

Production Vs. Connection : The Ailment And The Cure

Recently, I had what we like to call an “aha moment” while listening to a sermon one Sunday. The minister made the observation that our society as a whole has swung to the extreme side of productivity at the expense of our connections. It hit me that this is one of the greatest ailments we see as coaches with our member companies and leaders, especially as of late.