Computer Networking Installation West Palm Beach

Professional Computer Networking Services

Computer networking is a telecommunications area of IT that enables computers to exchange data with other computers, servers, wireless devices, and cloud-based devices. Networks enable data transfer between devices through network links, which are essentially direct data connections and can be either wireless, hardwired, or both. While most companies use an intranet, or internal network, the most popular network on the planet is the actual internet, which is made up of a series of networks itself.

Complete Network Design Services

Depending on the size and needs of your organization our Palm Tech network design team can design, recommend, and install the perfect network solution to suit your requirements. Whether you need a single server, a bank of servers, cabling solutions, wireless solutions, or a combination of any of our networking services you can count on Palm Tech to design and install the proper solution. Our designers and technicians not only have years of networking experience, but they’re continually keeping up to date with the latest technology and industry best practices when it comes to networking.

Palm Tech Network Cabling Services

Palm Tech network cabling services include cables, pulling, forming, and cable removal for organizations of all sizes. We design, install, and if necessary integrate new cabling with your organization’s existing cabling systems and network components. We adhere to the IT industry’s best practices and provide the highest level of craftsmanship when it comes to designing, modifying, and installing network cabling. Our professional network cabling technicians are fully licensed and receive ongoing training to ensure they are using the latest techniques and materials available. This training and education helps to ensure that your network cabling is as up to date as possible and remains reliable into the distant future.

At Palm Tech, we understand that cabling is one of the most important components of your network and an area where long downtime can occur, which is why we implement smart services and procedures to maintain continuous and uninterrupted connectivity.

Wireless Network Installation

Wireless connectivity is one of the fastest growing services in many IT networking companies, but providing proper wireless integration takes the knowledge, skills, and experience you get from Palm Tech technicians. At Palm Tech, we deliver turnkey solutions as well as fully customized wireless solutions for any type of organization or project. Palm Tech’s professional field technicians and network design team offer the highest level of service to ensure your new wireless network remains stable and reliable.

Network Coverage you can Depend on

When you are looking for proper building penetration and coverage you can count on Palm Tech has the equipment and experience you need. We will either utilize your existing network or create a new network and integrated wireless system, so you will have a network with coverage you can depend on. Whether your needs include feeder antennas, donor antennas, repeaters, or power sources Palm Tech wireless network technicians and designers can create solutions that work best with your business environment.

Through experience, we understand how to reduce and eliminate weak data points and dead zones so your team can rely on fast data transfer from any workstation, meeting room, reception area, or any other area where wireless data transfer is necessary.

Network Security Services

Network security is more than just firewalls and antivirus software; it is a company’s strategy for maintaining the security of its digital assets and network traffic. Generally, it is identified by a security policy in conjunction with hardware, software, and regular security audits. Network security efforts at the very least utilize policy, enforcement, and auditing to ensure the safety and security of the overall network. Depending on the size, complexity, and other factors your network and organization a variety of other elements can be included in network monitoring and security.

Start to Finish & Ongoing Network Support

Whether your organization is interested in hardwired networking, wireless solutions, or both our computer networking services can help. Unlike other computer networking companies, once we design and install your network solutions we are always available to provide full networking support services.

Professional Networking Solutions

Whether you have got an existing network that needs upgrading, fixing, or replacing Palm Tech has the experience and knowledge to provide network solutions to suit your needs. We offer server, cabling, and wireless services with accompanying security features to ensure your new network not only works properly but protects your organization’s data.

If you’re looking for network solutions for your company that include software, hardware, cabling, wireless devices, or any combination of networking elements call Palm Tech today.