Stay in operation with these BCP strategies

Power outages, disasters and other disruptions happen. And thousands of businesses around the globe are affected by them every year, with lost profits ranging into the millions, if not billions. So how can your business protect itself and stay open when the unexpected strikes? Here are five common business continuity strategies that many companies rely […]

Don’t Trust Your Company’s Critical Data and Business Systems To Just Anyone!

Don’t miss Chuck’s new book, which reveals what every practice administrator needs to know about finding the right IT company. You’ll discover:

The 5 types of technical support available, and the pros and cons of each
5 critical facts you must know before moving to the cloud
How to avoid getting ripped off, disappointed, and/or paying for substandard work
12 warning signs that you hired the wrong IT service company
Viruses, worms, spyware, and hackers: what you need to know to protect your firm from invasion
Everything you need to know about contracts, payment schedules, and rate negotiations
Why you should avoid “cheap” or “bargain” computer repair shops
How to turn technology into a competitive advantage instead of a drain

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