How “Smart” Office Buildings Are Foolishly Aiding Cyber Criminals

As buildings grow increasingly more intelligent with new technology, the corresponding risk of cybercrime to small- and medium-size U.S. businesses has grown.

Corporations have already been the victims of high-profile attacks, and the resulting media coverage has revealed vulnerabilities that all businesses share. Even a CCTV or air conditioning system can be breached—and with "smart" appliances, cyber criminals are already salivating at the possibilities.

It's not just simple hacks: ransomware (infecting a network and demanding a ransom to "fix" it), phishing (fraudulent emails that appear to be official) and more are huge threats to the credibility of a business and their ability to work. It is smart appliances that worry experts the most: while a smart fridge can be run using an app, it is also highly accessible as compared to a traditional SAP system.

There are three steps businesses need to take to combat this growing hazard: i) understand what smart technology does while it monitors your building and appliances, 2) work out if any valuable data is exposed and finally, and 3) find a security expert to safeguard that data.

The lost data need not be financial, either. Cyber-attacks may steal sensitive client or employee information. For medical and health businesses based in the United States, this could constitute a breach of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)—resulting in costly legal action.

Ignoring these guidelines cost money: a 2015 IBM study revealed that one breach can cost the average company a cool $4m. With many nations adopting legislation that require enhanced data protection—at risk of fines and worse— these costs are only set to spiral.

As intelligent as the smart building may seem on the facade, the security risks cannot be overlooked.

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