Under Attack

How To Protect Your Business And Bank Account From
Fast-Growing, Ultra-Motivated And Highly Dangerous CyberCrime Rings

Co-Authored by Chuck Poole, President of PalmTech Computer Solutions

Announcing Our Collaborative Book, Written Along With 26 Of The Top Security Minds In the IT Industry. Under Attack Is Available On Amazon Beginning January 14th, 2016!

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"For anyone that thought that updated Anti-Virus software was enough to protect their business from hackers, I’d highly recommend reading Under Attack, because software is definitely not enough. It really changed the way I think about my company’s IT security." – Anonymous

"The Electronic Revolution is spreading far and wide, and after reading Under Attack, I realized how important it is to make sure your business is ahead of the curve with security. The more electronics are involved, the more risk there is. This is definitely worth a read for any business owner or manager." – Anonymous

"I didn’t know about cyber security. Well, I thought I knew about cyber security, and then I read Under Attack, and I quickly realized how little I actually knew. I’d suggest reading this book to get yourself up to speed. Seriously worth it." – Anonymous

"I’ve got insurance in all kinds of areas for my business. But I’ve never had insurance for the internet and cyber side of things. After reading Under Attack I’m going to make sure I’ve got the best IT people to provide that insurance." – Anonymous

"I’ve usually been pretty diligent with my IT security. I’ve got good people in place, I keep a close eye on all the potential red flags, and I try to stay on top of everything. Under Attack made me grasp how important it is to keep my staff trained too. After reading this book, I’m going to make sure that my staff are well-educated on the threats that exist to help protect my business." – Anonymous

"Much needed book to read if you are a President/CEO/CIO or IT Pro. I will be giving this book to many of my clients" – Michel J. Servidio

"Great insights into a variety of cyber problems." – Faith Community Nurse

"Great Book!" – Robert P.