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Frequently Asked Questions 

IT Support Company West Palm Beach - FAQ

For small business owners, little more can hinder the day-to-day operations of your business than computer network malfunctions. At PalmTech Computer Solutions, we have the answers to critical technology issues that affect business. Whether you are a small business owner in West Palm Beach or the surrounding areas, we have you and your network covered with our IT support services.  PalmTech provides support for businesses in and around West Palm Beach with a myriad of offerings, including managed and on-demand services for any IT needs.

What does IT Support Services mean?

IT support services are any services you may need for the technology that keeps your business up and running. PalmTech Computer Solutions has tech experts managing network support services as well as damage control after a network crash. We cover more IT support services than you can imagine, including - but not limited to - managed services, on-demand services, IT computer consulting, security and surveillance, in-office and remote VoIP solutions, and small business servers from Microsoft.

We provide recommendations for the very best software for your technology and the people power to keep it working up to speed. If you are set on software, we can also save you money by making sure that you get the most out of the technology you have already paid for. IT support services will make sure all your most important files and data are backed up in case of emergency.

In short, IT support services from PalmTech will help you focus on what matters most in your business - your clients - instead of worrying about IT.

What does Managed Services mean?

If you want your technology to run as reliably and consistently as it possibly can, our managed services are an excellent solution. Managed services are IT support services which you can outsource to our experts who proactively keep tabs on your technology so that problems can be identified before failure. Managed IT services from PalmTech can ensure that your technology will work efficiently – all of the time.

At PalmTech Computer Solutions, managed services mean that we track your IT infrastructure 24/7/365. We find problems and fix them quickly, often before our clients notice there was ever a problem. We want you to expect the uninterrupted course of business despite a system going down. Managed services are a strategic, preemptive way to make sure that business technology is always up and running with no interruptions.

What Does On-Demand Services mean?

On-demand services are distinct from managed services in that they are an IT support service that you can utilize whenever an issue may occur. This means that when you call your IT support company, they are available immediately to help with any issue in order to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When it comes to on demand IT support services, other IT support companies may not always be available at any given time. In order to get the most out of your equipment, you should make sure to call an IT support company like PalmTech. Our team is comprised of IT experts who are only a phone call away, and will show up in record time.

With on demand services, the only services you need to pay for are the ones you ask for whenever they crop up. PalmTech offers on demand server repair and data recovery, among many other IT support services.

What does Business Continuity mean?

When it comes to your small business, you want to make sure that your work is uninterrupted by technological glitches and hitches. This is the nature of business continuity: when an IT disaster strikes, you want to make sure that your business can recover.

At PalmTech Computer Solutions, we want to make sure that your business can recover from any and all technological disasters. We provide customized business continuity planning and computer support services. Not only can we help in the case of a data loss emergency, but we can also help your business plan ahead to prevent a disaster and protect your information.

What is involved with Disaster Recovery?

It is extremely common for businesses that have experienced a massive data loss to go under within 5 years following the indecent.   PalmTech knows disaster recovery. Our computer consulting services can analyze how well your business is prepared for a data loss disaster, and from there, help you construct a plan for recovery. With our strategies for planning ahead, we can help to prevent you from going out of business with a protection plan that is custom-tailored to your needs. We can help you not only survive a disaster such as theft or inclement weather damage: with our help, your business can thrive in the face of misfortune.

What is a Small Business Server?

A small business server is an essential asset for many business. Any IT services for small businesses will recommend the use of such a server, which can play a number of roles in the overall functioning of your business. Such a server can be useful whether your business has as many as 50 computers or fewer than five.

A small business server can support your business with an automatic system to store your most important files and protect your business by protecting critical data, automatically backing up and reporting status to PalmTech. With the use of a small business server, you can rest assured that your data is backed up in the case of any emergency. In addition to protecting your data, you can also allow employees to remotely access information and other resources. Your server will be secure for file sharing, printing, and faxes, which are some of the most useful IT services for small businesses available.