Handheld? Console? No, it’s…Switch!

Handheld? Console? No, it’s…Switch!

Handhel Features

Nintendo’s long-awaited new gaming platform Switch should be available any day now, if it isn’t already. It combines the best elements of handheld games with a home console. Handheld, the gamepad is the screen. Slip it into its dock and it plays on your TV.

The gamepad comes with two detachable “Joy-Cons.” One player can hold a Joy-Con in each hand, two players can each take one, or bring in more Joy-Cons and multiple people can play.

If you’re on the go, pull out the “kickstand” on the back of the gamepad and prop it up on an even surface for easy viewing. There’s a slot on the side for game cards and a USB-C port for quick charging.

Because it has greater processing power than the Wii U, you’ll have no trouble playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario and a host of your other favorite Nintendo games.