Why Your Business Should Be Monitoring the Dark Web

Why Your Business Should Be Monitoring the Dark Web


If you own a business, you’re probably often reminded to keep all of your company’s personal information as secure as possible. This not only includes you and your employees, but your customers or clients as well. If their information gets stolen and it’s found out that your company didn’t take the proper steps to ensure everything is safe from cybercriminals, you could get into a lot of financial trouble.

Where does stolen information go, though? It’s not like you can easily go on Google and search for passwords, private records, and credit card numbers. This type of information is typically found on the dark web, which is a hub for cybercriminals. At PalmTech Computer Solutions, we offer IT support services 33409 that will help you take the necessary steps to stop sensitive information from ending up on the dark web and provide solutions to quickly take action if it ever does.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a section of the internet that can be used anonymously and is not easily accessible due to the necessary use of certain software, authorization, or configurations. Many dark web users will use the TOR browser, which was first developed to protect communications among U.S. intelligence agencies.

While not everything on the dark web is illegal, much of it is. A 2015 study completed by researchers Daniel Moore and Thomas Rid discovered that out of a sample of 2,723 websites on the dark web, 57 percent of them hosted illicit material.

Some examples of illegal content you can find includes:

  • Passwords
  • Drugs
  • Stolen financial information
  • Counterfeit money

That’s just a small sample. The amount of illegal content on the dark web is vast.

Is it the Same as the Deep Web?

Even though the dark web and deep web have been commonly used interchangeably in recent years, they aren’t the same thing. The dark web is actually a part of the deep web though. When we refer to the deep web, it is considered to be anything on the internet that isn’t indexed. This means that it can’t be accessed by search engines, like Google. The dark web is also not indexed, but it’s hidden behind an extra layer of protection, like required software.

How Can Your Information Be Put on the Dark Web?

Cybercriminals have found many types of ways to access secure information that can be sold online for quite a profit. Some of these methods include:

  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Viruses
  • Ransomware

What Can Be Done for Your Company?

Whether your information has already been stolen or you’re looking for a reliable way to prevent it from being accessed by cybercriminals in the first place, you have some great options in front of you with the help of expert IT services.

Preventing Cybercriminal Attacks

With professional IT support, cybercriminal attacks can usually be stopped in their tracks thanks to advanced internet security software. When turning to professionals like those at Palm Tech Computer Solutions, you can expect a full examination of your company’s current protection with solutions that will make your sensitive information as secure as possible.

Using Dark Web ID

Even though internet security software is a great way to keep cybercriminals at bay, with the constant amount of new threats emerging, sometimes they’ll be able to slip through the cracks. This is why having a program like Dark Web ID is extremely important, which can be obtained through your company’s IT support. It was created by ID Agents with the functionality of being able to detect if any of your company’s sensitive information has been placed on the dark web.

How Dark Web ID Works

When your information has been obtained by a cybercriminal, the most likely case is that they will be heading straight to the dark web to sell it. At this point, your company is still okay. What was stolen hasn’t been used against you yet. It’s important to act fast in times like these as once it’s been sold to the highest bidder, you can quickly be running into serious issues.

Dark Web ID provides alerts that your information has been found on the dark web before it’s been sold, providing enough time to react before a breach can happen.

Did You Know?

  • The dark web is estimated to be around 500 times larger than the regular, searchable internet.
  • About $500,000 is generated every day from illegal activities on the dark web.
  • Millions of people are victims of identity theft every year, with many of these occurrences happening due to sales on the dark web.

Are You in Need of IT Support Services 33409?

With cybercriminals constantly looking to steal important information that could devastate a small business or seriously hurt a larger one, you need the support of experienced professionals. It can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and something that could cause the complete collapse of your business. At PalmTech Computer Solutions, we’re always prepared to take action. Contact us today to get started.