4 Things You Should Absolutely Demand From Your IT Services Firm

How much do you rely on your IT services provider? It’s startling to think that a lot of small businesses outsource their IT (which is a good thing), only to get little to nothing out of that relationship.

7 Ways To Make Your Business Money While You Sleep


Position yourself as the authority in your niche. Develop products like videos or books that share your secrets of success. The beauty of a book is that, once the hard work is over – it’s written, edited and published – you simply collect proceeds while you move on to your next project.

Don’t Make This $10,000-An-Hour Mistake

If your network fails or you experience a power outage, your business will come to a screeching halt. You’re not making sales or communicating with clients. You’re basically inaccessible until everything comes back online.

SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier takes air purification to the next level. It’s a fan, space heater and air purifier all in one. It includes a HEPA filter that helps reduce allergens and pollutants as it quietly cycles air through your home or the room of your choice.

Healthcare Breaches: Data Exposed on 1.5 Million Patient Records

Nearly 1.5 million people had data exposed in healthcare breaches reported to the federal government last month. That's more than double the roughly 730,000 people who had data compromised in healthcare breaches reported the month prior. In September, providers, health plans and their business associates reported 29 data breaches to HHS' (Dept.


Want to boost your bottom line? The answer may be in cashless payments. It’s all about taking your current systems and updating them to current trends.

Outside of the U.S., particularly in Europe and much of Asia, cashless payments are king.

These Are The Biggest Privacy Threats You Face Online Today

Webcam Access – While it’s rare, there are known exploits that allow others to access your webcam (such as malicious software or software security flaws). Putting electrical tape over your webcam isn’t a bad idea, but more webcams are coming with kill switches and shutters for peace of mind.

SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH: The Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up Light

Research suggests that when you wake up naturally (that is, you aren’t jolted awake by an alarm or radio), you feel more refreshed and energized during the day.

The Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up Light puts this research to the test. It’s designed to simulate a natural sunrise right in your bedroom.

The Power Of Punctuality

Personally, I am not a fan of people who are always late. Sometimes, things happen that we have no control over, such as car accidents, traffic jams and unexpected family emergencies, to name a few. I am not addressing those situations.

What I am addressing is how punctuality can do wonders for your success.