PalmTech Hires Experienced VP of Sales and Marketing

February 7, 2011

West Palm Beach, Florida --PalmTech Computer Solutions is proud to announce Mr. Brian Betron as its new VP of Sales and Marketing. His immediate focus will include the following major objectives: To develop new business connections in the area of WiFi Networks for Hotel, Malls and Condos, Internet Video Security Solutions, Video Conferencing as well as the complete technology management for small companies of 5-250 employees. He has extensive experience in building teams for Sales and Marketing with small business ventures and Fortune 50 growth incubator (i.e. Panasonic) businesses. For example, Mr. Betron guided many small business start-ups by streamlining inefficient systems to highly functioning and user-friendly platforms from the likes of Voiceware Systems, Inc. to NC Holdings, LLC, who vaulted to 8.6 million in revenue in just eight business quarters.

Prior to Mr. Betron’s tenure with PalmTech Solutions, he successfully served as the President/CEO of several high functioning technological-based organizations within the SE region of Florida including Computer Innerworks, Voiceware Systems, NC Holdings, Dawn Breaker, B&C Aircraft Sales, and Welcome Internet Services. These full service companies were successfully launched concurrently and grew rapidly under Mr. Betron’s direction while at Voiceware Systems, Inc.

Mr. Betron and his business partner, Mr. Poole at PalmTech Solutions have coordinated their business acumen with the likes of Pratt and Whitney, US Air Force, United Nations, Motorola, MTV, Cosmopolitan Magazine, as well as, a wide range of foreign government endeavors such as the Bahamas, St. Maarten, Guyana, Belize, and Chile.

Mr. Betron has been quoted in numerous magazines and routinely speaks at technological industry trade shows that include Teleconnect Magazine, Intellicard News, African Telecom Magazine, and Telecard. Further, he has been contracted as a lead speaker at several Trade Associations and Trade Show Conferences such as CANTO, TRA, ASCENT, and Computer Telephony.

Mr. Betron encourages all past business partners, present customers and future associates who could benefit from PalmTech Solutions services to email him at the following address: [email protected]

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