Why Your Business Needs IT Security

Why Your Business Needs IT Security


If you’re wondering if your business needs protection from online threats, the answer is yes. It’s an absolute necessity to protect your employees, your clients, and yourself from the harmful attacks that could strike at any moment.

At PalmTech Computer Solutions, we take IT security for businesses 33409 very seriously and always do our best to keep the private information surrounding your business out of the hands of criminals.

The Threats You Can Face

There are numerous types of online threats you can face on a daily basis, but all of them have the same goal – to steal information and wreak havoc on your business. Here are several common threats, however there are many more that you need to worry about as a business owner.


The main function of a virus is to cause some chaos by damaging a computer and replicating itself over and over again. The infection of this virus can be devastating and can reformat your hard drive or corrupt saved data. It can even completely shut down your computer with no way of turning it back on. Besides ruining your system, viruses can be used for:

  • Stealing money
  • Creating botnets
  • Stealing sensitive information


Adware can come as a double attack. At first it can simply be annoying. A computer infected with adware will have its screen completely filled with advertisements, often to the point where it’s impossible to click anything but an advertisement.

It can also change your browser settings to whatever it would like. The really unfortunate thing comes when you accidently click on one of these advertisements, possibly causing a virus to download.


Ransomware can make you feel completely helpless. Your fate is in the hands of a criminal. Once this malware has infected your computer, it will hold everything hostage until you pay the ransom fee.

Once paid, you will usually get your data back, but since you’re dealing with criminals, there’s always a chance they can back down on their word after you’ve paid, making prevention through online security very important. It’s predicted that cybercrime will result in about 6 trillion dollars in losses every year by 2021, with ransomware being one of the main reasons.


Spyware is another sneaky way to gather information about your business. It does this by practically tracking every move you make, from your browsing history to your keystrokes. Gathering login information can be extremely simple, leaving everything related to your business completely exposed.

What Can Be Done

With cyber security for your business, you can be protected from many of these threats. There’s always a chance that you can still become infected, however. New ways to steal your information are created every day, which is why it’s still important to always be careful while browsing the internet and clicking on links.

The goal with online security though is to make things so difficult for criminals that they will leave your business alone, instead targeting those who don’t take their security as seriously.

Cyber Security Assessment

Getting a cyber security assessment can allow you to gain a better understanding of how your current security is handling the task of protecting your business. This will be a thorough search, evaluating the effectiveness of your network’s protection and checking for any loopholes and small cracks that will allow easy access for criminals.

Dark Web Monitoring Services

The dark web is an area on the internet that is filled with cyber criminals, but it’s not easy to access and will require special software. This is where you can find a lot of stolen information, such as compromised credentials.

What makes this difficult for businesses is that you often won’t even know your information is on the dark web until it’s too late. With dark web monitoring services, a software that searches for any information relating to your business is used so that you can take proper action if anything is spotted.

The Benefits of Cyber Security

Having great cyber security can save you and everyone involved with your business from a lot of unnecessary headaches. Here are some more benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • Customer confidence and satisfaction
  • More productivity without slow computers infected by viruses
  • Your reputation as a business is safe
  • Overall peace of mind

In Need of IT Security for Businesses 33409?

With so many advanced threats just waiting for the right opportunity to ruin your business and make your life a lot more difficult, turning to the experts is a smart move to make. At PalmTech Computer Solutions, our goal is to provide the best protection for your company. If you’re ready to get started on the path to online safety, contact us today.